The date is November 22, 1963 and you have a chance to warn President John F. Kennedy and his wife not to go through downtown Dallas where Lee Harvey Oswald awaits. Think you can solve the ten clues in this room and activate the Time Machine?  Think you can save JFK?  Think you can change history? 

Think you can Get Out?

The scene is Monte Carlo. Unbeknownst to anyone but you, ten ISIS operatives have infiltrated the Casino de Monte Carlo with evil intent. Ten clues hold the answers to stopping them. Think you can solve the puzzles?

Think you can beat the odds?

Think you can Get Out?

OPEN 7 Days a Week

12 pm

1:30 pm

3 pm

4:30 pm

6 pm

7:30 pm

9 pm


$25 per person

(2 guests minimum)

Corporate Rates

Available Daily

Call 903-216-0662

Room Capacity

12 People per room


14 and older


1 hour per game

Each booking is Exclusive to your Group no matter how small!


Please try to arrive

15 minutes ahead

of your reservation

A young boy and girl are being held captive where many have been held before. But not just any young boy and girl. Prince William and Princess Kate’s children. Ten clues hold the key to their rescue. Think you have the smarts? Think you can rescue the hostages?

Think you can Get Out?

The Graveyard

The evil spirits have been aroused in The Graveyard and you face imminent doom.  With only a Ouija board to assist you, you must solve the ten clues in order to escape.  In your way lurks Michael Myers, Son of Sam, the witches of Salem, Frankenstein, skulls and gargoyles, just to name a few.  Think you can lead your team to safety?  Think you can solve the ten clues in the cemetery?

Think you can Get Out?

Fire, fire everywhere!  Can you get out in time?  How prepared are you to deal with a fire?  Inferno is the “hottest” escape room yet.  You and your team must navigate through the flaming perils at every turn to safely get to the exit.  Think you can make it?  Think you have the right escape plan?

Think you can Get Out?

Logo Lost in Space.png

Your mission has become a race against time as one of your crew has detached from their line during a routine space walk to do maintenance on your ship.  Now they are heading towards a black hole, never to be seen again.  Think you can find the codes to save them?  Think you can fight the forces?

Think you can Get Out?